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Popkorn Media was founded in early 2008. Popkorn Media is an ICT based Entertainment & Media House specializing in audiovisual products, audio/video production, script writing, digital visual effects, virtual reconstructions, graphic animations, VFX and ICT based software/mobile applications for the Cultural and Creative Industry. It is the place where creative inspiration meets technological innovation, thanks to the talent of a number of professionals who create new solutions aimed at informing, entertaining and educational awareness audio video tools. Popkorn Media is located in a modern structure composed of its own sound stages, equipped with the most modern technologies available in the market and of spaces and laboratories for activities such as video editing, color correction, recording, sound editing, mixing and mastering, computer graphics and development of multimedia products. Designers, 3D & digital artists, programmers, engineers, experts in cultural heritage, technicians and operators, working inside the several departments, develop products and solutions at high creative contents, using cutting-edge tools and innovative working methods. Popkorn Media is the result of a research and development project in the field of 3D computer graphics, promoted in 2008.

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