Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services can provide good results by giving careful attention to the on-page and off-page elements required. By applying our SEO knowledge to your web pages, we give them the maximum chance of being found and indexed by the search engine spiders, which helps these SEO’d pages gain a high ranking.We write the code of your web site pages in a manner that assists the Search Engine Spiders, this code can be written in HTML or XHTML. We ensure that the optimized pages are ‘Search Engine Friendly’.

There are always two ways of creating pages, and whilst both can appear visually identical, only one will bring increasing traffic, the one which has been Search Engine Optimized and ‘Spider Friendly’. Our extensive experience has taught us how to assist the Search Engine Spiders. We understand the methods they require to effectively crawl and index your pages.Many Search Engine Optimization companies use shady techniques for gaining higher rankings, these methods can get your domain banned permanently from the major Search Engines which could be a disaster for your business. We use completely legal methods which are compliant with the requirements of the major search engines.