Why Us?

whyusOur unique set of capabilities and our in depth knowledge of the business and IT world make us what we are: a complete IT service vendor.

Popkorn Media offers clients the best there is in the world of technology and business management to create robust, scalable and complex applications that are also time bound and cost effective. Following are some key differentiators that distinguish us among our many competitors.

Key Differentiators :

Experience & Expertise
The vast range of technical expertise that Popkorn Media covers is one of the primary reasons why so many businesses have trusted us for all these years. And our sphere of expertise keeps growing by the hour. Our experts have had ample experience working on projects of all scales and complexities, which is another big reason why you can rely on us for all your business needs.

Dedicated Services
It is our commitment to what we do that best distinguishes us from our competitors. At Popkorn Media, every project is carried out by dedicated professionals with painstaking precision that ensures quality, efficiency and of course, our client’s budget all at the same time. It is also because of this dedication that STI’s good name has remained in the minds of our clients for years and that they have been coming back to us as our partners in technological growth.

Commitment To Quality
In the rapidly evolving present IT scenario where companies are mushrooming in even the remotest corners of the world, the demand of quality software is like never before. So, to make sure that our clients get the best solutions possible, we at STI enforce a rigorous quality assurance throughout the system’s life cycle from analysis to design and implementation. Our QA team has the knowledge and the experience of testing applications against the international benchmarks such as the ISO standards. With such expertise and years of experience, Popkorn Media delivers top notch applications giving you hassle free solutions for all your business requirements.

Client Centric Approach
We take it as our ultimate goal to satisfy each and every need of our customers with the right kind of business solution. We believe that it is our responsibility not only to meet deadlines and produce average results but also to partner with our clients to fully grasp their business credos and their core ideas and produce sustainable, far-reaching and top quality solutions that will help us grow together in the long run. With this governing idea of collaboration and joint growth with our clients, every project that takes off the ground gets a client focused treatment that ensures our long term partnership and symbiotic growth.