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Facebook Advertising Strategies – What You Need to Know

Through the years, it is already proven that the use of social media marketing plays a big role in making a business successful through sales by conversion. If a social media marketing plan is well-implemented, it brings the audience to display actual interest in the products or services that you offer.

Nowadays, there are lots of social media platforms available for your online marketing plan, and they are all free to use. Among these platforms is Facebook. It is considered the best social media platform that has the potential in reaching a huge and ready-made market pool with its more than 1 billion users around the globe.

If you have not decided where to post your Ads yet, you might want to consider using Facebook Advertising. Not only is this a great platform to promote something because of its massive number of users, but it is also easy and efficient to use. If you are struggling with making your Facebook advertisement a success, these simple tips will give you a head start on what you need to know about Facebook advertisement strategies.

Set Your Campaign Objectives Strategically

Just like any other business plans, there is a need for well-planned objectives which serve as your guide in marketing your business. It is okay to test the water, but not to the point that a lot of things will be at stake and time will be wasted.

See to it that you prioritize the things that your business badly need. Decide which of the objectives shown above need to be done first. If you think you have already a lot of likes and followers on your page, then perhaps you can focus more on other objectives. This way, you are not only setting your objectives, but you are also maximizing your time.

Target the Right audience

Some marketers think that by reaching a large number of Facebook Likes and Facebook Followers is all it takes to have a higher chance of conversion. This might be true, but if you want to bring your Facebook advertisement to a real success and to gain more conversion, then your ads should be targeting people who are really interested in your products or services rather than targeting some random Facebook users. So, how can you possibly ensure that you have targeted the right audience for your campaign?

  • Do your Research and Gather Data

Advertising your business is already tough, so much more if you do not know who to advertise it for. This is why the first thing to do is to do your research. Are your products and services enticing enough for teenagers, adults, mothers, office workers, or couples? Stalk your competitor’s account if you must, read surveys, news, and business articles that could give you some clues as to what the majority are into at the moment.

  • Test various Segments

facebook-advertisingResearching is not enough though, after you have gathered the necessary information, it is time to test your theories. To do this, you can use the segmentation feature in Facebook to test the different groups of people who you think will take interest in your services.

Facebook now offers a Segmentation feature for Facebook marketers. This feature enables marketers to test the right audience to target thereby, ensuring that you focus your campaign to the right market. Through segmentation, you can reach people based on their age, gender, relationship status, interest, geography, and many other options as parameters. After sending your Ads, study their responses and feedback. Which group has the most number of positive feedback? Which one has the lowest?

This type of strategy will help you narrow down your audience to the ones who will surely convert. After all, what is the use of having a lot of followers if none of them even spare a second to read your Ads? It is better to have not so many but secure and loyal followers who will like, comment, share, and eventually convert your Ads into sales.

Make an Appealing Advertisement

Once you have targeted your potential clients, an appealing advertisement will make your ads gain more Facebook Likes and Facebook Followers from the right Facebook users. Having the perfect Demographics that really complement what you are offering will make your Facebook advertisement a success. In order to find the right Ads, you could always try and test multiple types of advertisement with different contents.

Spend some time tweaking and changing your ads until you find the one that suits best your product presentation and groups of audience. Always remember that for a successful conversion, targeting the right audience should be paired with appropriate and interesting content.

If you have a business online store, one way to make an appealing advertisement is by offering discount codes, free shipment, and other freebies to your audience. Other ads that have been proven to have positive results are those with EBooks giveaways and free video tutorials.

Also, it really helps if you spend time looking and studying your competitor’s ads. This way, you can simply refine your Facebook ads better than what they have. Delete or improve your ads that perform poorly in conversion and maintain the ones that provide more successful conversion. Having this type of strategy will make your Facebook Ads generate better results over time.

Make use of a powerful landing page

Making an appealing Facebook advertisement is useless if your audience click the ads and end up on a dull and non-engaging website; keep in mind that your landing page is where the actual conversion comes from. A landing page is the page where your potential customers will be lead to once they click your Ads.

Many online marketers nowadays are losing the potential of having customers because they fail to provide a powerful or high-converting Landing Page for their Facebook Leads. Always remember that you cannot possibly expect your audience to buy your products or services if they are confused just by looking at your landing page. Also, do not make the mistake of asking unnecessary information from your customers; they might change their minds while giving you these pieces of information. Remember, you only got seconds to convince people to convert, so might as well give your best shot and make it quick.

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